Packaging suited to your product

A dedicated graphic creation department

Once the composition of your formula is approved, the packaging has to be designed. Our team can help you develop a graphic concept for the label design suited to the packaging format.

Selected partners to produce the packaging

We have a wide range of packaging to offer you. You can choose the packaging that best corresponds to your product, your brand and your graphic identity.

We do not produce the packaging but work with reliable, long-standing partners that are able to adapt to various requirements.

Innovative packaging

We are constantly innovating and seeking new environmentally-friendly packaging. This is why we have developed a product concept for capsules that is exclusive to Chembo. These highly concentrated products are put into "caps" that act as refills for re-usable bottles. As well as being efficient, the formula in these caps is almost 100% natural. If you already have highly concentrated products, we can package them in our caps.