We combine our know-how and skills and convert them into a unique advantage for our customers.

A highly innovative R&D department

Our R&D department, in charge of developing and updating formulae, is constantly looking for new ingredients to make even more innovative and effective products. It focuses both on the form and physical state of the product.

Our goal? Develop a formula in order to create a product that meets the customer's requirements

Our main criteria? Efficiency

The achieve this, the products undergo a series of laboratory tests before being put onto the market.

To ensure ongoing innovation, Chembo's R&D department is in permanent contact with its raw material suppliers and is immediately informed of the arrival of a new ingredient and can test its impact on formulae rapidly.

It also belongs to a network of universities, research centres, task forces, and groups that exchange good practices, including for example:

  • DETIC: Belgian-Luxembourg association for manufacturers and distributors of cosmetics, detergents, cleaning products, adhesives and sealants, biocides, related products and aerosol technology.
  • SIRRIS: a research centre that helps companies develop technological innovations, test them and implement them.
  • INNOVATECH: support and coaching in technological innovations

A catalogue with more than 250 existing formulae

There are more than 250 formulae in Chembo's product range, some of which are patented, and our R&D department regularly develops new ones.

Therefore, you can choose from the following solutions:

  • One of the formulae in our catalogue exactly corresponds to your requirements. In this case, the product is manufactured, packaged and sent to you.
  • You have your own formula that meets your requirements, i.e. colour, fragrance, etc.
  • A completely new formula is developed, creating a unique product for your consumers.

A broad understanding of end-customer requirements

Chembo's strength lies in its ability to provide products that reflect its customers' image, in their distribution network and whose price, effectiveness and technical qualities are appreciated by consumers.

We achieve this because we have a deep understanding of final consumers' requirements and have acquired a great deal of experience over the past 40 years.

These requirements are constantly taken into account by all our teams which regularly liaise with each other.

When the sales and marketing team finds a new idea at a trade fair, it tells the R&D department about it to see whether it corresponds to a specific requirement. Or else it tells the industrial department about any technology it has found that could improve production capacity for example.

And the R&D department will inform the sales and marketing department when a new formula is developed or when there is a new ingredient that can be proposed to customers. Moreover, it is in constant contact with the industrial department so as to keep up with the latest news on the production lines.

The industrial department is always seeking improvements that could optimise and enhance manufacturing and storage processes. Information on each innovation is passed on to the sales and marketing team so it can inform its customers and to the R&D department so that it can adapt and/or improve its formulae.

And transversally, the quality department is regularly consulted to check the conformity of products.

A fine-tuned combination of biological, natural and chemical additives

Chembo strives to develop environmentally friendly products. The R&D department constantly monitors this field. With this in mind, we developed a unique concept - a highly concentrated product for a refill capsule. This single-use capsule is screwed onto a spray-bottle filled with water and, once fitted, it diffuses the right quantity of the concentrated product.

Moreover, we have a wide range of ecological products that are human-friendly and environmentally friendly. And unlike other products on the market, our ecological products are just as efficient. Numerous laboratory tests and field tests have proved this.