The innovation
to the service
of the cleanliness and
the environment

An INNOVATIVE refill which revolutionizes the use and the consumption of cleaners and cleaning products.

With the capsule, no water transported pointlessly, only concentrated asset becomes the end product.

Everybody wins at it and the environment too !

B-CAPS, is THE answer to growing environmental management AND performance requirements.

A new concentrated cleaner concept in the form of a single capsule that allows a bottle to be refilled. It provides the correct dose by simply screwing onto a 28/410 neck.

Very easy to use - just screw the capsule on a bottle filled with water, stir, position the gun and it’s ready!

This innovative patented eco-packaging ,offers many benefits:

  • - reduced carbon footprint, an approach increasingly valued by consumers,
  • - gains in terms of production and storage,
  • - reduced transport and logistics costs.

  • Chembo has developed various formulas (some of which are Ecolabel or Ecocert) for surface maintenance - a complete range of cleaning, degreasing and disinfecting cleaners for the kitchen, bathroom, floors and windows. So you get finished products which range from 500ml to 1 litre and can be refilled at discretion!

    Chembo can also package your formulas.

    Eco-friendly packaging that makes life easier and promotes the recycling of bottles! Refilling is a new eco-responsible gesture.

    Thanks to its small size, the B-CAPS refill makes economic use of materials and is easy to store and use.

    Another highlight is that it’s available in bulk, blister pack or cardboard - with everything 100% recyclable..

    Optimised water consumption, reduced storage spaces ... but that’s not all :
    Just 1 truck of B-CAPS represents 18 trucks of bottles! The CO2 impact is greatly reduced, while transport and logistics costs are optimised.

    B-CAPS, doing only good for your wallet AND the environment!

    Light refills (+/- 20gr) and easy to use - basically, highly practical. Fill the bottle with water, screw and refill!